Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bright Beautiful 1st of December

Whew! Nothing like being done with our run by 9 am and ready for the rest of the day. When we left the parking lot, a group of younger runners were just getting ready to start out. Now, they might be able to run faster, but there's something so satisfying about being done first!

It was chilly this morning, about 30 degrees. It was supposed to be windy but it didn't start blowing until we were done. (More to gloat about, see above.) Now I'm home listening to the wind blow and drinking my coffee, enjoying that great feeling of energy, accomplishment and a cold face.

We ran in two groups, one went 4 miles and the other group 5 miles. Next week,the calendar calls for 3 miles to allow for some rest. We had some cranky knees, shins and feet and one angry hip this morning. Most running plans follow a pattern of increasing effort, in our case distance, with a week of reduced effort to allow for healing which prepares the body for more effort in the coming weeks. So, it's time for a little recovery.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi there athletes!

I thought you should know a little bit about the women who have participated so far. The goals in the group vary from the MORE Half Marathon to planting the seeds for an exercise habit. One thing in common, everyone seems happy to be part of a group of women working together.

The women who are just starting an athletic program are my heroes. It is so hard to show up to do something new and public, even if we are all committed to supporting one another. If you're new and thinking about joining, know that there are a number of women who are walking parts of the workout, and will continue to walk as the distances grow longer. It's OK to walk toward your goals. The organizers of the MORE encourage all comers, walkers and runners, and so, many women will walk the entire half marathon.

This week, due to a myriad of Thanksgiving and non-Thanksgiving commitments, we had a slightly smaller group. Most of this week's runners fit into the category of "stepping up their running program." We planned to run 3 miles with them and they revolted! "4" they said. And so we did. Enthusiasm. Effort. Laughter. Sweat. Success. And we had reports from those who couldn't make it, they of ran on their own. Great commitment!

This week's calendar plans the usual three sessions, for a total of 6+ miles. First, 2-3 three miles, at a moderate (for you) pace done on your own early in the week. Second, some speed work with the larger group on Weds. morning, or a shorter faster session on your own. And last, 4 miles at a slower pace with the group on Saturday morning. We're planning to be there, come on down!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello runners.

We had a great run on Saturday, our first as MORE Striders. In total there were 12 of us. As we ran, or ran/walked, we weren't all at the same pace, as would be expected of any 12 runners. But what I really came away with, from everyone, is how exciting it is to undertake a big goal at this point in our lives.

The goals are different for each one of us: aiming at a marathon (one and counting), or at the MORE half marathon, or at a shorter distance, or even aiming to start a sustainable running program with other like-minded women. It felt so exciting and energizing and hopeful and courageous. Especially courageous. I truly admire everyone who ran or plans to run with us. It is no easy thing putting yourself out there for the world to see. Congratulations!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

MORE Striders, an adventure

Our running club, Suburban Striders, is a group of women in the western suburbs of Boston. Although the mission of the Suburban Striders has always been to reach out to all women runners, typically, the group has consisted of more experienced athletes. In an effort to reach out to beginning athletes/runners or back-to-running-after-an-absence athletes, we developed a plan for a sub-group, MORE Striders.

The plan for the MORE Striders is to
-recruit women interested in starting a running program,
-train from a modest base through preparation for a half marathon,
-undertake a common goal,
-access support and coaching from the main club,
-run together on Saturday mornings for companionship and motivation.

Our common goal is the MORE (magazine) Half Marathon on April 6th, 2008 in New York City. We selected this race primarily for its support for women runners over 40 and for its special connections to our club. Four years ago, this was the first race the original club members trained for and ran together. Many of those original runners have joined the MORE Striders to encourage other women. The race is geared toward first time women athletes 40 years old and older. We don’t expect any world record times. We expect support and appreciation for the athletic, emotional and mental courage it takes to show up and start a half marathon. In New York City, we are close enough for easy travel.

Our first meeting is November 10th, for our first run together.

Margaret and Mary